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Creates Clarity for Your Business and Attracts More Customers

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80+ Top Reads for Leaders to Rise Up and Stay Relevant in a

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Brand Strategy Assessment

Clearly define who you are and look at where you are so you can begin to align your brand and your marketing, removing years of confusion in days. 

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Learn how to rise up and stay in the sweet spot of relevance while everyone else chases rabbits.

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Do you have a new product that's struggling to get attention?

Did you start a company/org that hasn't quite "made it" yet?

Is your new approach, that was going to attract the world, barely being noticed?

Is your marketing all over the place?

Are you confused about how to explain what you do? 

Your Brand is Your Foundation

Be clear about who you are and what your audience can expect from you. This is your brand story...

Then you'll have a foundation to build a marketing strategy the world will be attracted to and a culture your team can live out. 

Some Kind Words

"Jake Crocker has an imaginative marketing mind and loves to share what he knows. His company is one of the purest examples of a business created entirely from beautifully developed marketing ideas."

John B. Adams Jr.

Former Chairman & CEO, 

The Martin Agency

Advertising Hall of Fame Inductee 

"Charles Collie’s professionalism and knowledge of his craft made him the perfect consultant for the Wilson Leadership Center’s marketing and branding project. Organizations that are looking to maximize their potential would be well served to engage Charles and his firm."


David Marion

Wilson Center for Leadership

Hampden-Sydney College

"When working with Charles, your mind dilates and suddenly you can see and think clearly about your business. He has helped many of my clients and colleagues become successful.  As a speaker, Charles charges up the audience, gets the wheels turning and inspires conversations."


Mark Campanale 

Core Training Facilitator, 

Disney University

What's In A Name?

Since we help businesses and organizations build, live and grow their stories, we should probably tell you a little about ours.  We came up with the unique name, ASHELORE, to represent the relevance we bring to our clients.

 AsheRepresents the ashes from which the mythical and mighty phoenix would rise, lift its head high and spread its wings to once again begin anew. Businesses and organizations often reach a point where in order to soar they have to be reinvigorated with a renewed sense of energy and enthusiasm. In the process of renewing an existing entity, completely new ones are sometimes born from the remnants whose story and wisdom lives on and continues to build. 


LoreRepresents the story, traditions and culture an organization was originally built on and continues to build from.  This "lore" is the foundation that informs and gives energy to the organization, building from the wisdom embedded within its unique culture and character.  Your story is an asset that will both set you apart and set you up for success.


AshlarThe stone blocks used in masonry construction that give a building strength and support. The more refined the ashlars are, the stronger the structure will be and the longer it will stand. Our name, ASHELORE, is our own unique spelling of this element.


We chose the name ASHELORE  to help you visualize the stones that make up the foundation of your organization - an organization made of the authentic attributes of a strong, unique and compelling story (your brand) that you will use to build a great organization with a great culture that produces great products and services.