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ASHELORE guides business leaders

to become and stay RELEVANT 

Build Your Story

Clearly define who you are, what you do and what makes you unique - your brand.

What you DEFINE, you attract.

Tell Your Story

Tell the world your story according to your brand.

When you ALIGN, you grow.

Write The Next Chapter

Keep your story unique, relevant and revered! Don't throw out the past, build a strong future from it. 

What you REFINE, you improve.

Meet Our Lead Guides


Jake Crocker, MBA

Partner, Brand Guide 

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Jake built his career working in advertising agencies, corporate marketing and technology companies; gaining a significant and diverse amount of experience and insights along the way. That experience has helped him build his own businesses while continuing to guide fellow entrepreneurs in building theirs.

Jake was one of the pioneers in using social media to build businesses and prides himself on staying in front of new marketing trends while being committed to the core principles of building lasting brands and businesses. This combination of new techniques with a principled approach strengthens  organizational foundations during a time when so many houses of cards are being built.  

What really gets Jake going every day is helping others succeed, whether it is building something from the ground up or shaking the cobwebs off of a stale organization to give it a fresh start. Every brand has a story.  Success and continued loyalty stems from making sure that story connects with both your customers and your team.

And that's exactly what ASHELORE is here to do!

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Charles Collie, MA

Partner, Brand Guide 

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Charles has traversed the complexities of our federal bureaucracy, the backroom gamesmanship of our political process and the battle to stay customer focused in corporate America. He has consulted creative services firms (advertising agencies, marketing firms, design firms and more) to free them from their self-imposed commodity traps, with professional services leaders to build brands that reflect their values and purpose, and with technology companies to build brand ambassadors of their employees, their suppliers and of course, their customers .

Charles’ clients have grown more profitable, but they have also grown their strategies, their skills, their methodologies, their value and their relationships.  Most importantly, they have grown healthier, with a better understanding of who they are, as an organization, as a team, as a leader…  and as human beings.

His passion continues to be helping leaders have that “Aha!” moment when they connect all the pieces of what their organization could be (and should be) and how to best bring it to life.

Some of the brands we've worked with...