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 What you can expect from a
Business Strategy Assessment

Team unity and alignment


An honest view of your brand, your culture and your business value proposition


Know your organization is relevant today and prepared for tomorrow

Eliminate months (and possibly years) of confusion and guesswork


A clear story everyone can tell


Action items that bring the biggest return

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Your team needs to understand who you are and where you are.  What you DEFINE you attract. We can help. Fill out the form below to book your assessment. 

How to Book an Assessment


We'll set a timeframe together that's right for you. Get out your calendar and let's get to it!

Create the foundation that will unify your team and unlock the power of your story!

How your team will benefit from a Business Assessment

If each person on your team isn’t focused on and communicating from the core purpose and core values of your company, you’re losing money. And if that core purpose and those core values aren't communicated well in terms of how they serve your customer, you're losing money... because you aren't relevant!

An Ashelore Business Assessment defines clearly who you are (your purpose) and looks at where you are (context) so you can begin to align your business operations and your marketing removing years of confusion in days. 

Here’s how it works:

An Ashelore guide will get to know you, your team and your customers using a variety of tools designed to cut through the confusion to reveal the truth about who you are and where you are. Once we have a clear picture, the work of designing your future begins where a clear plan forward is created with action items outlined to bring the biggest ROR (return on relevance). 

Everyone will learn a repeatable framework that can be used to create a brand-focused foundation for all aspects of your business - inside (culture) and out (marketing and sales). Everyone leaves the workshop with a shared vision, a integrated strategy and a shared message.

*In this COVID world , we at Ashelore are striving to do our best work in the safest manner possible. We have adapted to use virtual technology where possible and when in person, personal protective equipment with social distancing and sanitizing, in order to continue to provide the guidance our customers need to be their best and most relevant. 

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Business Strategy Assessment

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