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Charles Collie 

As the son of a successful farmer and serial entrepreneur, Charles was always intrigued by how his father could look at the same things that others look at but see the opportunities that they didn't. 

Graduating with honors from Hampden-Sydney College and with a Masters from the University of Richmond, Charles saw the critical importance of a special combination of purpose and story to an organization's success.


Charles’ career has been a story of twists and turns. From a leadership role with a Department of Justice contractor to working in politics where he discovered the power of positioning, leading him to take the leap into corporate marketing with Circuit City Stores when they were the world’s leading electronics retailer. This is where he discovered marketing does not live in a vacuum but is inextricably connected to the culture of an organization through it's brand. 

After several years in corporate America, Charles wanted to take what he had learned about brands, culture and marketing (both the good and the bad) and share it with other business leaders. He soon got the chance when he joined Sanders Consulting Group, the leading growth consultant to the worldwide advertising industry. As president, Charles worked with 13 of the world’s top 15 advertising agencies, helping them win over $1 billion worth of business.


With a growing family, Charles decided to put family first by leaving his role at Sanders and becoming an independent consultant giving him the time and flexibility to focus on his most important jobs, Dad and husband. 


As his children became older, Charles felt drawn back to organizational life, working as a senior brand strategist with Martin Branding Worldwide, at Boldstroke Consulting, The Firestarter Group, Peacock and OMT Global. Today, Charles is partner and brand guide with ASHELORE, guiding business leaders to rise up and build their brand stories.