Why We Use Insights

Helping leaders better understand their business, themselves, their people

and their clients.

Your marketing can be honed to better communicate your brand when you understand yourself (individually and organizationally) and your audience (individually and organizationally) so you can adapt to connect.

When your people truly understand themselves and others, the potential of your business goes through the roof. Think about it – organizations are just people connecting with other people. Effective communication is the key to successful connections. And that’s where we come in.

When people can take an honest look at their personal style, and the overall personality of their organization, they can start to ask vital questions, such as:

  • ‘What kind of leader am I now?’

  • ‘How can I/we be better?’

  • ‘What color energy preference do I/we work with best?' 

  • ‘How do I/we better understand what’s happening  in our relationships with our employees, customers, prospects, vendors, etc., and what challenges and opportunities do they present?

  • Why am I/are we always butting heads with my/our colleague(s), my/our vendor(s), my/our customers; and what common ground is there between us?’

All of a sudden leaders, and the organizations they lead, begin to see themselves more clearly and begin to establish plans for improving how they/the organization communicates. Communications become simpler and clearer, as you adapt your approach, taking into account who the people are in every business relationship, your culture becomes more cohesive, projects run more smoothly, marketing attracts more and better prospects.

That’s why we’re different – the transformative power of self-awareness isn’t just something that will help your business in the short term, it’s a powerful gift that will raise the game of everyone in your organization, forever.

Insights is Different

90% of top performers are considered to be highly self-aware.
              - Forbes

Self-awareness is the key to a strong brand.
          - Ashelore


Insights Discovery helps people understand themselves and others (clients, vendors, investors, employees) so that they can have more respectful and productive working relationships (inside - employee, leaders, vendors, and outside - marketing, sales, service), even across virtual boundaries.



  • Understand communication preferences


  • Connect better to build better relationships 


  • Develop a common language to help overcome challenges