Great brands are built on great cultures and great cultures live and breathe their brands. This is how they navigate uncertainty, build resilience and become and stay relevant.


We help companies and organizations BUILD great brands (their story) and LIVE in great cultures according to

their brand (their story) through our unique 

Define/Align/Refine framework.

The Define/Align/Refine framework creates clarity, unity and continuous progress.  In a nutshell, it strengthens your culture.  And strengthens your culture.  And strengthens your culture. Again, and again, and again. In turn it strengthens everything else in your organization.

Organizational Culture has been referred to for decades as soft without a clear correlation to results. However, recent research has shown that organizational culture has a direct and massively positive impact on an organization’s net income. (A study of 200 plus companies over a 12 year period found that companies with a strong culture had a 756% net income advantage over those that didn't. - Kotter, Harvard)

No longer should organizational culture be considered soft, nor the skills needed to build a strong brand-focused culture and brand-focused marketing. The results are clear.

It's simple, but not easy. Define, Align, Refine. We can help.